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Generational Trauma Coach!


Hi y'all! My name is Alex and I wanted to share a bit more about the story BEFORE we got Hero's Ranch Holistic Healing started. I'm a solo mom of three kids, and we live on our healing farm nestled in the northern Austin Metropolitan Area. We are blessed to serve our community now both online and onsite. 


Growing up, I feel like I grew up all over the West Coast. Between Oregon, California and Washington. I even ended up getting stationed in San Diego, Ca despite trying to get away from California years prior. (This point always makes me laugh as it's truly universal law in action so boldly hitting me in the face) I was married 2 days after my 20th birthday and delivered my first child at 21 to a husband who I would later divorce over domestic violence. We had our second child 15 months after our daughter was born. Later that year in 2012 I would finally break free for good. The last time I had tried to leave when I was pregnant with my son ended in a situation that should have taken my life away. Through my own agreement during this incarnation, I wasn't supposed to die. Unfortunately, attempted murder or completion of murder is a very common situation domestic violence victims face when they try to leave. Their abusor becomes deadly or starts stalking or doing whatever they can to make their victim 'pay' emotionally for leaving them. Many also ride the line where the victim can take legal action and no action very carefully. This also includes trying to get the children removed from the victim because it's another point of control for the abuser to have. Thankfully the custody thing didn't happen to me, but it was attempted many times. Many victims actually loose custody because of a variety of things that ISN'T the victims fault. His rights were ultimately terminated in Feb 2017 when my oldest two children were 5 and 6.


Before this happened, we had been in and out of court for years. So many trials and hearings, over $100k spent on lawyers. The crazy part to me at the time was I actually did a better job of representing myself and actually defending my children than the limp noodles who I kept calling in. Again, this is unfortunately a point where many victims also find themselves in. Why become a family/divorce lawyer if you're not going to actually help your clients? I digress... 


So how did we even get to Texas let alone in the industry I find myself in? Well, in Oct 2013, everything changed. As I was laying on a physical therapy recovery bed with my service dog in training Koda after a PT session at Balboa Naval Medical Center, I went into prayer as I often did during this time.


Quick story time! During my time in San Diego, I had found this amazing church home. I've always been spiritually intune and had a relationship with God (Source, Creator, Universe). Through serving on the Alter Call team, we were taught how to allow the Holy Spirit (now I undertand there are a multitude of divine energies/entities we can work with, but traditional church oftentimes refers to it as the Holy Spirit) to flow in and through you as you pray over and deliver divine messages to those whom were called to us to serve and speak truth over. We also were expected to help them get connected however they needed. So during these years of service, my gifts continued to grow and flourish. Divine downloads (intuitive hits as some call them) would flow in, but ONLY when I was calm enough to listen. I did not get these downloads very often at this time because my mind would just NOT stop long enough for me to hear unless I was actively in spiritual service.


Okay, back to the physical therapy table. So i'm in conversation with AA Michael and he boldly tells me i'm going to be driving to Georgetown, Texas next September and that I need to get ready. Now, this means i'm going to have to somehow get a move away order from Ca to Tx which is apparently really difficuly (my ex still had full rights and shared custody with me of our two children together), I would have to get out of the military (which I was supposed to be career and my officer package was already complete, so this was not an option as far as I saw), and move to a state where I knew no one, LITERALLY NO ONE, let alone if a Georgetown, Texas even friggin' existed! It does by the way for those not in Texas. 


Well, through divine unfoldment, these series of events occurred: 


Dec 2013, I fully accepted that I was getting out of the military, moving to Texas, and was FULLY COMMITTED to the divine unfoldment of my path I couldn't shake. Everyone around me tried talking me out of it, including my pastor! It was this INTENSE drive to go and despite no logical reason to makes these choices, I just KNEW I had to go. 


Jan 2014, my psychologist at Balboa Naval Medical Center entered me into a study using magnets to transform the brain (Transmagnetic Stimulation or TMS IS AMAZING!!! Look it up!) and I saw immediate improvement. I was patient 20 out of 20 for their study.


Mar 2014, I was formally declared physically unfit (shoulder/spine injury and PTSD) to serve and put on a medical board evaluation. Also in March, my ex got ahold of me again and the assault left me with debilitating migraines and my body basically "giving up" and no longer working properly. (This often happens to victims of abuse as adults or children as eventually our bodies cannot take anymore. This oftentimes results in complete hormal disruption, physical pain, body operations no longer successfully working, and a variety of other things. Doctors only now seem to be picking up on this, but not really. I have an AMAZING Naturalpath who works with people all over the world that has truly helped me heal my body physically if you also find yourself in this position.) My genes turned on that were originally not supposed to be 'on' but through the repeated trauma, my body just couldn't anymore. I also had about 8 weeks of memories I still don't have true to my own but rather from other people filling me in on the events. 


May 2014 I flew to Texas and set-up a home to purchase in a development community in Hutto, Texas. May I also began another round of TMS treatments. Again, saw amazing improvement.


End of July/First of Aug 2014, I self-represented in a 3 day trial for my move away order to go from California to Texas with my children legally. The judge even gave my ex an out, but my ex didn't take it. The order was granted.


Sept 2014 my two children, four dogs and a whole house hold was off to Texas. We stayed with a friend's mom as we were supposed to move in at the end of Sept. Not only did I lose my house because of what I made at the very end during the closing, but God showed me that it wasn't for me. None of that was and showed me a cute family of 4 whom it was specifically built for. In this same emotional devestation of being so angry I just uprooted my whole family for what, I was given a beautiful vision  of a pasture at sunset. I was told if I just hold on, something better is on the way. 


Sept 2014 We moved into our rental home in Georgetown, Tx. The neighbor friend across the street, her mom was our realitor.


Apr 2015, my kid's dad decided he wanted to enter their lives again. For the previous 9 months, he was completely out of the picture by his own choice.


May 2015 I was brought out to the property we would eventually put an offer on a couple of weeks later. During the time I was brought out here, the price was actually out of our price range, but I was told it would be ours and it's where i'm supposed to be.


June 2015 We closed on the property and moved in.


Jan 2016 I FULLY COMMITTED to healing myself and getting my kids safe no matter what. I was eventually connected with the psychologist who would later be the crux in our legal case against him as well as the first lawyer who actually fought for my family. We did have to go through 3 different counselors of which 2 completely caved when my ex would show up. The third did actually testify to my children telling her how their dad would choke them (this was Aug 2016 about a month or so of their dad being active in their lives here in TX) and the judge didn't take her seriously enough as she felt the counselor didn't have 'enough street credit' to be actually seen as an expert witness surrounding abuse and trauma. Apparently, in the court systems you need a PhD with a trauma background AND willing to testify. I called her in though eventually and she most definitely delivered!!!


July 2016, my kid's dad and his new wife moved to Texas "to be closer to the kids." He still never completed the required 52-week DV offender course, nor did he complete his required therapy to begin unsupervised visits with our kids. The judge granted a new custody order before he left CA (our case was held in CA the entire time we were in Texas as required by the judge who granted the move-away order) and the judge gave him 50/50 physical custody even though NO requirements from before were met. Thanks "justice" system... (This point is actually another unfortunate commonality around DV victims and their families. The 'justice' system DOES NOT distribute justice, unfortunately.)



Feb 2017 My ex's rights were terminated and my kids and I were set free.


My children and I continued on our healing journey and getting fully committed to the process. We've been through so much to get our family to heal with years and years of therapy, for all of us individually. It wasn't truly though until I found the E4 process where we were able to transmute the energy within our DNA, within our body's, within our soul that I've seen quantum leaps within my children and myself start to take place. This is where we have been able to pull so much of our knowledge and education from (of course my formal education helped bring the whole thing together, but that firsthand experience has nothing on just formal education alone) as it all clicked so easily for me when I was studying at Texas A&M and currently in my Spiritual Practioner program as we study the metaphysics of how life got this way ultimately. It's a pleasure and an honor to serve the families who are brought our way because the collective consciousness is TRULY READY TO HEAL! And it's such a beautiful process to watch unfold! 


Thank you for taking the time to read about how we got here. We are excited to get to know more about your story and how we can better serve you and your family on their healing journey!