Hero's Ranch Holistic Healing

Where You Become The Hero Of Your Story

Spiritual Psychology Practioner & Trauma Coach For Awakening Families

My name is Alex and i'm a Spiritual Psychology Practioner & Trauma Coach helping families heal their soul wounds, clear their traumas, and give parents the tools to break generational curses so their children can be raised in a healed, loving and calm home free of the hurts and hang-ups that impacted the parents. 

Showing You Pieces Of Yourself

You Never Knew You Had

Our goal for all participants is for them to heal and thrive as they journey on their path of self-enlightenment and healing. Our classes and programs are geared towards helping people reach the depths of their souls as we heal our hurts and hang-ups from this incarnation and previous ones to be better equipped to touch our souls and step into our divine purpose of why we are here.